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Maintenance | Machine settings | Training sessions | Tooling changeover  

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Faster Resolution of Issues 

The solution for your maintenance, problem-solving, emergency calls, machine settings, training sessions, tooling changeover, etc.

Allowing you to have the PDC support live, at each step of your process.

The PDC Europe's expert engineer speaks to you and shows the relevant information in your glasses.

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Live Streaming: Once you have your PDC Europe's connected glasses on, you can share your live stream with our expert engineer. We can monitor the machine and your actions!

Ewon module: It allows us to check the machine program status. We share all information with you, in your glasses: relevant drawings, technical information, video in order to be at your side and allow you to work safely.

Cost-effective and time-saving:  No more time lost due to travels, No more misunderstandings, No missing information!

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State-of-the-art: High-definition, latest generation, excellent quality, amazing results. Your team will surely ask you: "Why didn't we use that before?"

Reliance: The glasses we have selected are provided by Epson.

Heavy-duty: They have been specifically designed for the industrial environment, but are comfortable, easy to use, answering all the requirements.

Interface: In order to share in a secure way all information, we have also selected a platform "Acty" specialized in solutions for augmented reality (AR).

Security: The data shared is secured and the transfer speed optimized


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