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HC Range

Patented | High-efficiency | Cutting-edge Technology


Stretch and Heat Shrink Sleeve Applicator for Body Labeling and Multipack

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HC Range

Stretch sleeve and Heat shrink applicator

High-efficiency  | Patented | Cutting-edge technology

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Featured rotary applicators  which are dedicated to very high-speed production lines

Application Industry:  Dairy and beverages industries.

Timing screw and rotating carousel: Products on the line are collected by a timing screw that positions correctly to fit the rotating carousel.

Carousel: The carousel can include 10 to 32 stations and its diameter is set according to the products and the requested pace.

Brushless technology when grabbing the products, for the tubing moving, and the sleeve’s cutting.

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Adaptability: HC fits projects of any kind!

HC applicator can adapt to each and every program: variable thickness or different production’s duties or the chosen material, or the sleeving technology

Applications:  Decoration or Bundling.

Sub-sections can be displayed/set up on a high-speed filling or labeling line.


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