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Stretch Sleeve Applicator

No heating required | low-energy consumption

1st Fully Automated Horizontal Stretch Sleeve Applicator

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Horizontal stretch sleeve applicator

Body-labeling | grouping/ multipackaging 

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Eco-friendly range with low energy consumption: ~1.5 Kw/h, using easily recyclable PE sleeves and made of stainless steel 304

Operator-friendly design!

Maintenance-free mechanical perforator and Few moving parts: the low need for maintenance

Brushless motors for the tubbing move

Perfect for tray decoration: suitable for sleeve labeling and bundling projects

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Linear PE stretch sleeves applicator

Horizontal conveying of product into the stretched sleeve

Versatile equipment:  up to 330 mm high/60 ppm pace.

Processing at an average pace, 30/40 ppm 

Touch-sensitive screen for our Allen Bradley human/machine interfaces

4 mechanical fingers  stretch the sleeve simultaneously, before application


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