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An eco-friendly alternative to bottle multipacks

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A NextGen Grouping Solution

PDC presents the latest innovation, Slide-ONeck-Pack, SON-Pack, a new eco-friendly cardboard multi-packing system that not only replaces your plastic wrappings but is designed to offer a robust alternative that is optimal for transportation and storage.

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Safe and Practical

Protection: SON-Pack is robust corrugated cardboard, based on a locking system that secures bottles and provides excellent support during transportation 

Customization: SON-Pack can group bottles in multiple product configurations and styles: in-line and star and comes with a personalized printing surface 

Clear product display: SON-Pack grips around the neck giving an unobstructed display of the product and the brand label

Precise orientation: Proper orientation of bottles during application for impressive shelf branding

Eco-friendly:  SON-Pack can use recycled material, is fully recyclable, and biodegradable

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        Customer Experience

  • Finger-holds for easy gripping and initiative manual portability

  • Exerts no pressure or squeezing of the products 

  • Well-oriented products for effective shelf-marketing 

  • Products are firmly held in position

Sustainable packaging 

  • No glue, Plastic Free! 

  • Made from recycled material and easy to recycle

  • Minimalistic use of cardboard as compared to other cartons

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