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Ultimate PDC: Tamper Evidence

3-in-1: Tamper evidence | Labeling | Multi-packing   


Sleeve Applicator for Tamper Evidence, Labeling, and Multi-packing

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Ultimate PDC

Tamper Evidence Sleeve Applicator

Heavy-duty | Mono-block Solution | Mechanical synchronization of all movements | Precise sleeve vertical position and orientation

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Speed up to 600ppm for Tamper Evidence, 400ppm for body labeling on small containers  | synchronization is not affected by speed!

Guillotine cutter: The sleeve is cut when folded, 10 million cuts per blade. Our blades last months, not days!

Brushless motor for the sleeve infeed and optimum efficiency

No risk of bouncing back:  The shrink sleeve is released only once in position, offering the most precise vertical position control

Single head, continuous motion: easy integration to production lines

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Ultimate PDC tamper Evidence Machine


Heavy-duty machine

Long-lasting blade, one blade fits sleeve dimension, could cut very thin material since the cutting process doesn't rely on the sleeve mechanical behavior

Efficiently designed sub-assemblies: providing easy access during maintenance few moving parts, low maintenance cost

Compatible with horizontal applications (such as batteries) and with unstable products shapes such as small, oval, etc. Pucks added when necessary

Monoblock solution, the tunnel, and the sleeve applicator head on the same frame. When going from one size to the other, the tunnel will follow the head position, saving a lot of time

How it works!

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For further information on Tamper Evidence Sleeve in the US, please visit PDC International website

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