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Flexible Shrink Sleeve Applicator

High-speed | Mechanical perforator | Non-symmetrical containers 



Flexible Shrink Sleeve Applicator for Decoration and Multi-pack

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Shrink sleeve applicator

Precise sleeving for Non-symmetrical containers | High Speed

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Flexible shrink sleeve applicator

The products are separated using a timing screw

A micro-perforation is set between each sleeve: The sleeve is opened using a mandrel. The horizontal perforation breaks when the sleeve is shot onto the container while moving on the conveyor.

Advantages: Low tooling cost, the mandrel has the footprint of your container (better orientation, easier shrinkage)

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Mechanical perforator compatible with thin material and all LFW

Brushless drivers for a smooth sleeve indeed, precise perforation location and limitation of the settings during a changeover

Each subassembly is designed in order to give full access to all moving parts allowing easy maintenance.

Unique PDC mandrel design giving precise orientation and reducing sleeve LFW.


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