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Image of Steam TV 2000 shrink tunnel


Image of Hot air TAR 1500 shrink tunnel
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No Heat-related injury: Highly insulated tunnels lower steam consumption and condensation onto your product (~40% compared to ordinary tunnels). We work with low pressure, limiting the consumption, the effects on the sleeve, and allowing a +/-0.5°C temperature control. Even when there is a change in production speed, the temperature remains the same.

Energy Performance

PDC's hot air recirculation technology allows great energy savings (up to 70% compared to other technologies). The air rotates around the container giving a beautiful shrinkage Average energy consumption: 9.9 kW (maximum 18 kW). It takes 15 minutes to reach temperature, then you have a +/-1°C tolerance. At any speed, the tunnel adapts the power to control the temperature.

Operation Friendly

Easy to operate with simple and quick changeovers (-5 mn). A setting sheet provides you with all necessary settings when changing the product, whatever the size (several hundred possible settings).

Operation Friendly

Cold skin, the outside temperature is very low, though the tunnel can reach 250°C inside. Easy to operate. A setting sheet provides you with any details for your new or previously sleeved products.


Stainless steel frame and covers compatible with wet atmosphere Economical and flexible equipment suitable for many industries. The steam generator as an option Gentle shrinkage perfect for top quality results. Compatible with numerous materials and product shapes.


Gentle shrinkage compatible with the empty containers! No stress is applied on the sleeve giving better control of the shrinkage. Suitable for multiple industries. Your tunnel comes with a temperature controller giving a precise setting. Stainless steel is available as an option.


The steam chamber can be easily lifted for easy access to the products. Small footprint on the production line: starting @ 1m


Can be easily added to a production line: thanks to a small footprint: 1.63m x 1m. No tooling to change when changing product size.


STEAM TV 2000 applicatiopn product image


LOREAL PURE group image
Download TV 3000 tunnel layout
Download TAR 1500 tunnel layout

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