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Shrink Sleeve Applicator
PDC Europe's Fastest Single Head Machine


High-speed Sleeve Applicator for Decoration and Multipack

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Shrink Sleeve Applicator

High-Speed | Optimized Sleeve Orientation

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The R-400 is the fastest PDC Europe single head machine

Non-stop R-400 head: Speeds up to 36,000 containers/hour with no stress

A micro-perforation is set between each sleeve: The sleeve is opened using a mandrel, the perforation breaks when the sleeve is shot onto the container while it is moving on the conveyor and hence guarantees the best positioning of the sleeve onto the product.

Compatibility: Compatible with the product’s diameters from 40 up to 140 mm, empty or full, this machine can sleeve complete or partial decoration as well as bundling.

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R technology offers a smaller sleeve than other machines. Not only save money on the sleeve, have a better orientation with a limited footprint on the line, and simplify the challenges linked to shrinkage.

Brushless motors (Allen Bradley)  for each movement. Less than 15 mins to change size.

Reduces vibrations and wear by the soft continuous move, allowing easy use of thinner and rather fragile films without fear of breaking them.

Continuous sleeve indeed non-stop, hence no time lost. The machine ramps up smoothly, with no brutal acceleration in the process.

Easy maintenance Minimal tooling parts required; HMI with all the information for operators and maintenance engineers.


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