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Stretch Sleeve Applicator

 High-quality | 360° decoration


360° Decoration Stretch Sleeve Applicator for Polystyrene Crates

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Stretch sleeve applicator

High-quality full decoration sleeving for Seafood packaging

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Specially designed for rectangular expanded polystyrene crates

Speed: This PE stretch sleeves applicator has a low to medium speed on linear lines

Up and down application process:  guarantees the finest sleeve’s positioning

Pre-pierced sleeves, opened by a mandrel.

Mechanical fingers perfectly position sleeves around the crate, before the automatic withdrawal.

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Eco-friendly range with low energy consumption: They are recyclable and low energy consuming: no heat nor glue is needed

The STA-F machine is made of stainless steel.

Operator-friendly design: Tooling sets are easily hand removed and changed

The stretch PE sleeves are humidity and negative temperatures resistant. 

Compatibility with edible goods and every project you have. It is able to apply short sleeves on rectangular containers.  


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