Universal Reject System

Patented SURE™ | Cause No damage  | Energy-efficient

Electronic Universal Reject System, that detects non-compliant products using a detection sensor

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SURE is a stand-alone module, designed to reject, divert, or orient products without damaging them!

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How it works

SURE follows the product from behind with one single precise movement, enabling a safe rejection without causing any damage to the product!

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The Universal Reject Unit: Compatible with high-speed production lines and adjusts its speed to your lines, to your product's pitch and size.

Prevents falling of rejected containers even at high linear speeds

Compatible with all existing detection solutions: camera, UV cell, fiber optic, etc.

Adaptability SURE can easily be integrated into your conveyor and at any location on a production line, after a filler or a capper for instance


Simple and Efficient

No compressed air only one moving part directly linked to a brushless motor

Efficient design:  Low energy consumption and cost-saving in maintenance

Ergonomic design features to provide an enhanced operating condition for your operators

More than a universal reject unit: SURE can also be used as a divider in order to control accumulation on two lines



UX oriented design 

SURE is designed in order to facilitate the work of your operators. The logo on the main door changes color according to the production conditions. The operator knows what is going on even from far away!

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How it works

Safe rejection: Unlike other rejection systems in the market, which push laterally or frontally the container, SURE follows the product from behind with one single part in the movement. This enables a safe rejection of your product.

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