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What is Tamper-Evident? 


"Tamper-evident package is one having one or more indicators or barriers to entry which, if breached or missing, can reasonably be expected to provide visible evidence to consumers that tampering has occurred"

U.S. Food and Drug Administration, 2019



Prevents tampering and theft: Self-evident benefit of tamper-evident technology.

Elevates medication safety: Tamper-evident sleeves make sure the product remains safe from contamination and spoilage.

Boosts consumer confidence: Tamper evident seal provides an additional level of assurance to customers about packaging not being impaired or altered and hence improving brand loyalty.

Reduces the risk of damaging during shipping and handling. 

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Industries:  Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Food, Beverage

Shrink Sleeve Protection Securing your product with a shrink sleeve as a protection tool to offer a higher level of safety to your customers (tamper evidence, tamper-proof). Either apply it alone or couple it with a decoration sleeve.

Secured the opening by Shrinkable Neckband and guarantees that your product has not been opened yet.

Shape and speed compatibility:  We seal your products with a sleeve no matter the shapes or the sizes of your containers at all production speeds.

Complying with pharmaceutical regulation:   Sleeve offers an easy way to tamper-evident seal your pharmaceutical products.

Bonus: We offer both transparent and print sleeves.

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Some PDC Applications




Role of Perforation 


Easy-to-open Packaging: Perforations makes it easy to tear off the sleeve without using any scissors or knife

Easy identification On neckbands, perforations make it difficult to open or tamper with a product without being obvious to the consumer

Preserve label  The tamper-evident band at the top  of a full-body label is removed from around the top of the neck, leaving the primary graphics intact on the body of the package

Easy tear to aid in recycling process:  Perforated tamper evidence seal makes it easy to remove the sleeve for recycling purposes

Types of perforation: Full-vertical, Horizontal- or Partial- vertical, Venting perforations

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Ultimate PDC: Tamper Evidence

3-in-1 machine: Tamper Evidence | Labeling | Multipack   

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