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PDC's own state-of-the-art conveyor solution is flexible and heavy-duty to adapt to your production requirements. Provide higher efficiency by sending information to the line supervision system. Designed to optimize every conveying challenge, e.g. noise, weight, layout, accumulation, automation, etc. 

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Flexibility, junctions, height, speeds, guides: Heights, slats, speeds, etc., fully customizable

Easy to assemble: Standardardised sub-assemblies to adapt to your configuration

Compatibility: The mainframe is in stainless steel and the conveyor can use different types of belts or slats

Energy- and cost-effective solution:  Slat guides are designed in order to reduce friction utilizing less energy than other systems

100% customization: Our drawing office analyses your production conditions and adapts them completely 


State-of-the-art Design

Efficient design: Pulleys are made out of rubber to reduce friction, noise, and weariness; side-by-side junctions are also designed to prevent vibrations on the product. Overall, designed to reduce dirt and dust and vibrations

Industrial strength: Heavy-duty feet, thick side panels, and strong product guides prevent torsions

Safety features: No sharp edges, fully CE-approved covers to have a safe solution for your operators

Cutting-edge coupling solution and motor: SEW IE3 motors are mounted with a  coupling solution reducing efforts transferred to the motor. An encoder or brushless motor can be fitted when required


Vector Robotics


  • Pick and Place, Orientation
  • Vision
  • Line uploading and downloading 
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