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Mode of Application

The stretch sleeve is smaller than the product. PDC machines open the sleeve and apply it to your container (as you put a sock on). The elasticity of sleeves keeps them properly in their position.

Mode of Application

Sleeves are shrunk by using heat: either hot air or using steam, in order to have the sleeve follow the shape of your container and fit accurately.



Material: The stretch sleeve is made of low-density PE plastics.

Large Communication Surface

Compatibility: It is compatible with any type of materials (plastics, glass, metal, cardboard, etc.), and can be used in a wide range of products from 100ml to 200L.

Eco-friendly: The Stretch sleeve does not need glue (solvent) or heat to remain on the container.

 High recyclability rate, low cost!


Material: Shrink sleeves are tubes made of flexible plastics, made of PET, OPS, PLA, PP, COEX/HYBRID, or PVC.

Superb Printing Surface: They are reversed of surface printed using technologies such as rotogravure, flex offset, or digital. 

Compatibility: Shrink sleeves are compatible with any type of container (plastics, glass, metal, cardboard, wax, etc.). Shrink sleeves can be used for all types of shapes, even the most complex.

Coverage and Shelf-branding: Offers complete coverage (360° from top to bottom), allowing more communication surface.

Temperature: They have a +/-1°C tolerance. At any speed, the tunnel adapts the power to control the temperature.

Our Stretch Sleeve Applicator

Our Shrink Sleeve Applicator

Advantages over shrink

No Heat Tunnel Required: Ideal for Heat Sensitive environments

•  Less energy consumption (no heat)

•  Suitable for cold and wet products

Flexible Sleeve that adapts to container’s changes in dimensions

Clear and Glossy

Up to 50% less expensive than shrink (1-liter bottle) 

~50% lighter than Shrink films 

Advantages over stretch

•  Thought stretch sleeve can only deform at 20%, shrink sleeve can reach  75%

•  Permits Tamper Evidence ensuring product integrity

•  Covers the ENTIRE body: From top to bottom

Conforming to complex shapes: up to 70% shrinking compatibility

•  Glossy



Tech Specs of Stretch

  • 50µ
  • LFW 74 → -34%
  • Height: 174
  • Density: 0.93 → -28%
  • Weight: 1.23g → -51%


Tech Specs of Shrink

  • 50µ
  • LFW 112
  • Height: 174
  • Density 1.3
  • Weight 2.53g

PDC Stretch Application

PDC Shrink Application

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